NØRDIS SIRIUS air conditioners are a solution addressed to those customers who are looking for good quality at an attractive price. The model has numerous functions which allow you to enjoy comfortable environment at home or office.

This air conditioner is distinguished by stylish design and high energy class A ++ / A +. The device is equipped with a number of modern functions improving the comfort of users in an air-conditioned room. Thanks to the intelligent algorithm, the device reaches the desired temperature faster, more precisely and smoothly.

  • Thanks to the unique internal construction, the air conditioner works at as low as 19 decibels – the loudness of a human whisper.
  • The self-cleaning function gets rid of the pollution inside the the device. 30-minute program of effectively removes dirt and bacteria.
  • Due to Intelligent Airflow function, in cooling mode the air blows towards the ceiling and forms a refreshing falling breeze. In heating mode, air blows towards the floor and then rises evenly in the room.
  • I FEEL function: an additional sensor embedded in the remote control allows the device constantly monitors and regulates the temperature level in the room.
  • The rust-resistant technology means that the outdoor unit does not corrode, thus extending the service life of the device. Increased tightness protects against flooding, insects and dust.
  • Night mode function regulates the temperature at night thus increasing sleep comfort. The devices lower or raise the air temperature by 1-2oC every 60 minutes.
  • By maintaining an appropriate level of humidity, the device allows you to dry wet clothes even in rainy weather.
  • Enriched with 6-layer filter containing active carbon and silver ions, it cleans the air even better


Automatic Operation

Auto Clean


Auto Restart

Ecological Freon

Energy Saving

Ultra Silent

Anti-Icing Function

I Feel

Healthy Filters

Smart Drying

Cold Air Prevention

Blinds Memory

Emergency Button

WiFi Control

Comfortable Sleep Curves

Technical data

Power Supply F/V/Hz 1F/~230V/50Hz 1F/~230V/50Hz 1F/~230V/50Hz
Cooling Cooling, kW kW 2.6 (0.94-3.30) 3.4 (1.00-3.77) 5.1 (1.25-5.90)
Cooling Power Input (min-nom-max) kW 0.24-0.80-1.38 0.29-1.13-1.5 0.33-1.57-2.35
Cooling Current A 4.6 (1.2~8.0) 5.8 (1.5~9.0) 8.1 (1.7~12.0)
Rated Current A 4.6 5.8 8.1
ERR W/W 3.25 3.01 3.23
SEER W/W 6.3 6.1 6.1
Energy Class A++ A++ A++
Heating Capacity, kW kW 2.6 (0.94-3.36) 3.4 (1.00-3.81) 5.1 (1.25-6.08)
Heating Power Input (min-nom-max) kW 0.24-0.69-1.55 0.29-0.92-1.72 0.34-1.38-2.54
Heating Current A 4.1 (1.2~9.0) 4.7 (1.5~10.0) 7.1 (1.7~13.0)
Rated Current A 4.1 4.7 7.1
COP W/W 3.73 3.71 3.71
SCOP W/W 4 4 4
Energy Class A+ A+ A+
Wi-Fi +/- + + +
Indoor Unit
Dimension (WxHxD) mm 698x255x190 777x250x205 910×292×205
Dimension of Package (LxWxH) mm 764x325x267 840x315x260 979×372×277
Weight netto kg 6.5 8.5 10
Weight brutto kg 8.5 10.5 13
Air Flow Volume m3/h 420 550 800
Sound Pressure Level db(A) 40/37/33/25/22 40/37/33/25/22 43/41/38//35/27
Outdoor unit
Dimension (WxHxD) mm 715x492x240 715x492x240 780×602×347
Dimension of Package (LxWxH) mm 818x325x520 818x325x520 890×385×628
Weight netto kg 24 24 35
Weight brutto kg 26 26 38
Air Flow Volume m3/h 1900 1900 2600
Sound Pressure Level db(A) 50 50 55
Connection Pipe Refrigerant Liquid Pipe/Refrigerant Gas Pipe in/mm 1/4”-3/8″/ (Ø6.35-Ø9.52) 1/4”-3/8”/ (Ø6.35-Ø9.52) 1/4”-3/8”/ (Ø6.35-Ø9.52)
Refrigerant Charge kg 0.53 0.55 0.92
Additional Refrigerant g/m 15 15 15
Max. Distance Length m 25 25 25
Max. Elevation m 10 10 10
Power Cable Power Cable mm2 3×1.0 3×1.5 3×1.5
Automatic Switch A 10 16 16
Communication Cable mm2 4×0.75 4×0.75 4×0.75
Cooling Operation Ambient Temperature Range °C -15~53 -15~53 -15~53
Heating Operation Ambient Temperature Range °C -20~30 -20~30 -20~30

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