ORION PRO MULTI SPLIT - Nordis high-quality air conditioners


NØRDIS ORION PRO is a new generation inverter air conditioner-heat pump. This is an improved version of the ORION series with the latest technical solutions.

Split type inverter is dedicated for cooling and heating mainly residential apartments and houses but may be installed in offices too. NØRDIS ORION PRO has a built-in Wi-Fi module, plasma ionizer and second-generation I FEEL function and many other innovative features that serve the best comfort of the owner.

The updated set of device components has further reduced energy consumption. ORION PRO surpassed the original ORION series in energy efficiency. The air conditioner cools faster and sets the optimal room temperature for you.


  • The latest inverter compressor provides efficient operation over a temperature range of -25 ° C to + 53 ° C.
  • Wi-Fi module for air conditioning control via Smartphone (Android, iOS).
  • Ozone-safe high-performance eco-friendly refrigerant R32.
  • Adapted to work on heat in northern countries.
  • Stylish LED display on the panel of the indoor unit.
  • NØRDIS ORION PRO is equipped with High-Density Filters to filter more dust and pollen from the air.
  • I FEEL gives intelligent temperature control where it is needed and provides a more comfortable environment.
  • Cold plasma air purifier kills the bacteria, microbes and other harmful particles.
  • Turbo cooling provides maximum airflow and performance for 30 minutes to rapidly cool a room. It also quickly cools down.
  • Cooling operation from -10 to 50o For those, who have rural dwellings: +8oC function that allows keeping a steady temperature.
  • Easier disassembly, which means faster maintenance, replacement of parts and washing.


Cold Air Prevention


Turbo Button


Auto Restart

Intelligent Auto Restart

Auto Clean

LED Display

Intelligent Defrosting


Comfortable Sleep Curves

I Feel

Healthy Filters

Energy Saving

8°C Heating

WiFi Control

Technical data

Indoor units

Model Orion Pro OP09TC1  Orion Pro OP12TC1  Orion Pro OP18TC1
Capacity, kW Cooling kW 2.6 (0.94~3.32)  3.3 (1.0~3.80) 5.0 (1.25-5.9)
Heating kW 2.65 (0.94-3.38) 3.50 (1.00-3.91)  5.10 (1.25-6.08)
Unit cable mm2 4×0.75 4×0.75 4×0.75
Refrigerant liquid pipe in/mm 1/4”-3/8″/ (Ø6.35-Ø9.52) 1/4”-3/8″/ (Ø6.35-Ø9.52) 1/4”-3/8″/ (Ø6.35-Ø9.52)
Air Flow Volume m3/h 560/560 560/560 820/820
Sound pressure level db(A) 52/47/43/35/32 52/47/43/35/32 54/50/47/43/36
Weight netto/bruto kg 8.5/10.5 8.5/10.5 11/13
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm  790x275x192  790x275x192 920×306×195
Dimensions of Package (WxHxD) mm 860×345×265 860×345×265 990×380×265
 Wi-Fi +/- + + +

Outdoor units

Number of indoor units 1-2 1-2 2-3
Power supply F/V/Hz 1F / 220-240V / 50Hz 1F / 220-240V / 50Hz 1F / 220-240V / 50Hz
Capacity Cooling kW 4.10 (1.20-4.85) 5.20 (1.23-5.60) 7.90 (2.80-8.80)
Heating kW 4.31 (1.25-5.20) 5.29 (1.29-5.75) 7.96 (2.45-8.80)
Current Cooling A  6.3 8.2 12.7
Heating A 5.6 7.3 10.9
Consumption Cooling kW 1.2 1.6 2.63
Heating kW 1.1 1.4 2.1
SEER W/W 6.10 6.20 6.10
EER W/W 3.29 3.24 3
SCOP W/W 4 4 4
COP W/W 3.71 3.73 3.75
Energy class A++/A+ A++/A+ A++/A+
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 835×360×605 835×360×605 968×375×655
Dimensions of package (LXWxH) mm 883×394×645 883×394×645 1015×425×715
Weight Netto/Bruto kg 34/38 34/38 46/51
Air flow volume m3/h 2100 2100 3000
Sound pressure level db(A) 65 65 68
Refrigerant liquid R32 R32 R32
Refrigerant charge kg 1.10 1.10 1.6
Max pipe length without additional refrigerant (1) m 5 5 5
Additional refrigerant g/m 15 15 15
Max. Distances for each indoor unit Elevation m 10 10 10
Length m 15 15 15
Power cable mm2 3×1.0 3×1.5 3×2.5
Automatic switch A 16 16 16
Cooling operation temperature range °C -15~43 -15~43 -15~43
Heating operation temperature range °C -20~30 -20~30 -20~30

(1) The standard length of liquid pipes pre-filled with refrigerant.

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